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Single-use heating and cooling pads

This new and unique concept for heat and cold therapy offers good hygiene, time savings and increased availability.

CURAPAX CARE CONCEPT is a series of products designed to increase patients/person’s comfort and well-being. CURAPAX disposable gel packs for warm or cold therapy make it easy and comfortable to treat localized pain without the use of medication – and thus increasing the patient’s wellbeing. Now with an indicative security feature: A heat indicator
CURAPAX® is a non-toxic, disposable product that can be disposed of with regular household waste.

CURAPAX makes it safe and easy.
CURAPAX is a hygienic, disposable hot pack that is ready in two minutes. A soft, non-toxic gel is formed during warming. The pack is covered with textile that makes it safe and comfortable to use. And there’s absolutely no time required for collection and cleaning after use – just dispose with regular household waste. Before use, CURAPAX is the same size and weight as an empty envelope so it’s easy to store in every department. Now, hospital personnel have easy access to heat therapy for all their patients.